ann_koi (ann_koi) wrote,

The whirlwind of August

Tomorrow afternoon, off to Portland; giving a short read during a night of speculative fiction (that's what we call science fiction when we want to get away from certain archaic stigmas and stereotypes; I'm fine with calling Tribes of Heaven "science fiction" or "space opera", really, but I also like to go with the flow, when in Romulus, do as the Romulans do, yadda yadda) and hopefully getting to see some more friends this time. Not that I didn't manage to enjoy some of the last trip it was just... well it was just what it was. Which involved untimely death, yes, not very fun for most people involved.

This upcoming weekend, the glorious wonder that is sitting in a tent in the Shipwreck Beads parking lot for their Artisan Market. I'll have brand new special merch *and* an N23 with me. :) That should be most excellent no matter what the sales are like or the crowd (but I imagine with that particular store and event, the crowd will be diverse and the other booths will be intriguing).

Then I get to breathe for a few days and it's off to Spokane. Flying by the seat of my pants for this one; I didn't arrange a room or a ride in advance. HAHA. Crap. I have faith in my abilities and my last minute arranging skills though...
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