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ann_koi's Journal

5 April
External Services:
  • ann_koi@livejournal.com
Visual artist and writer. If you're sick of trying to follow my projects on failbook and my other blogs are too arcane/obscure/awkward for you... try this.

    Other projects/things I'm involved in:
  • Tribes of Heaven - official info on the fiction series Tribes of Heaven and all off-shoot projects

  • Ann's DeviantArt Page - the largest and most disorderly but also most current collection of my artwork on the internet

  • Burial Grounds - the coffee shop in Olympia where you can pretty much always find my art if you want to see some in real life, the way it should be seen, because I am not a computer. I also can sometimes be found pouring coffee here.

  • Ann's Etsy Store - if you want to buy something small and help support my further endeavors, this is the place. Thank you.

  • Amazon wish list for both the company and myself. Mostly workshop items and project research.