ann_koi (ann_koi) wrote,

New(ish) stuff

New listings on Etsy: New stuff in the Etsy shop...

New art:

Well... Nothing finished yet.  A lot getting worked on.  Depression and illness are running me behind. 

And I'll be at San Diego Comic Con next week so I hope I have at least half of what I'm working on done by then in spite of all "that".


The final draft of the first novel is, unsurprisingly, taking me forever.  I apologize profusely to everyone who is waiting for it.  I hope it is worth even half the wait you've all had. 


Small originals are selling very quickly.  If there is something in my gallery or Etsy shop that you like that was priced under $200 and/or is under 9x12 inches in size, you might want to get it now.  If it's not listed in the shop (or in my facebook gallery) you might want to send me a message to see if it's still around, or even just stop by Burial Grounds Coffee in Olympia and see (literally) "what's up". 

That's all for now. 
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